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Make-up Lessons

We live in busy times, and it's almost impossible to make every single class. If you have to miss class for any reason, or if we cancel class, you are entitled to a make-up lesson. You can take your make-up any time during the semester (January-May, June-August, September-December). There are several ways to make up a class.

The easiest is to attend a class at or below your level during the semester. You can even take a make-up in advance if you know you'll be missing a particular date. Check out our class schedule to find a make-up that works for you. Then just call or email us to let us know which extra class you will be coming to.

We will also have special classes throughout the semester that can be used as make-up lessons. Check the Upcoming Events newsletter, and this website, each month to find more information about these classes.

Finally, you can attend special events, using make-ups to buy tickets. Check the newsletter and this page to find out more information.

Unfortunately, you can't use private lessons as make-ups. You also can't use the class you're registered for as a make-up, even if you are otherwise unable to attend. However, we are very flexible, and we are always happy to help you find a way to make up classes you've missed.

Upcoming Special Make Up Opportunities

Check back for future special make up opportunities!